Vodka «Nastroyeniye V»


Company "Natfield Trade"

First vodka produced by the NATFIELD technology


Features of the NATFIELD technology completely eliminate the
disadvantages of traditional alcoholic beverages - since the production
process is at a completely different technological level.

One of the most important aspects of the successful development of production and maintaining a high level of product quality is its constant modernization and implementation of the latest scientific developments. For this purpose, the Research and Technology Laboratory was created at our enterprise. This department’s specialists study the latest achievements of science and technology for production development, for which they take an active part in local and international seminars, forums and symposiums, as well as interact with leading institutions and foreign producers of alcoholic beverages. The main goal of the department is to search for fundamentally new solutions in the field of quality of alcoholic beverages. We also plan to provide services in innovative problems solution. For these purposes, we founded a separate department within company "Eco Export" 

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